Are You Ready To Meet The Marketing Demands of 2018? We Are!
Are You Ready To Meet The Marketing Demands of 2018? We Are!

Innovation is the only way forward, and if you are not moving forward then you are moving backward; there is no stagnation. As one of the premier digital marketing agencies in FloridaTFC is defined by a spirit of innovation and progress that is rare even in today’s insta-world.

If you don’t want to be one more brick in the wall of the Internet, you might have to rethink your marketing strategies in 2018. Although trends don’t always stay relevant, the following concepts are sure to remain center stage in the world of online marketing! Let’s see how we can change the game for our clients this year…

1. Tell A Good Story

Snapchat was the first platform to introduce the concept of ‘stories’ followed by Instagram and Facebook: a story is a series of photos and up-to-10 second videos which self-destruct after 24-hours. All Social Media giants have integrated this feature and the entire world is going crazy over it. Although it seemed like a fleeting fad, stories have become key features in the social media landscape.

If you’ve gotten by without truly utilizing your story thus far, now is the time to join the bandwagon because the social audience is more receptive of a good story than ever before. We genuinely believe that storytelling is a mainstay in the social marketing world of 2018. Already, more than 1 million advertisers are using the storytelling medium already to get their brand noticed!

2. Videos Are In, So Keep Putting Them Out

Videos have been the dominant form of media for the better part of the last century. However, it took decades for the marketing world to truly realize the potential of a “moving picture”. As technology has progressed, video viewing is no longer confined to a box in the living room.

Not only do we carry the capability to watch video in our pockets, but we also carry the ability to create videos: A billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day. Facebook users gobble up 8 billion videos in a day! As a digital marketing company, we strongly feel that your brand is missing out on a chance of massive visibility if you have not yet used social platforms to introduce videos highlighting the value you can bring to your target market.

3. Live Video In Your Pocket

Skype enabled real-time video conversations for the first time in the true mainstream. It has evolved as a necessity, not only between business associates but also for families and friends who live far from one another or happen to be traveling. Gone are the days when a brand could get away with ignoring the opportunity of not just live chat, but live video chat.

Every e-commerce company is now in the race of developing a real-time connection with their consumers using Live Videos on the social media platforms. Real-time problem solving, tips, giveaways, etc. have increased the credibility of companies with their clientele by appealing in a personal, effective manner. So this year, go live in as many ways as possible!

These are just a few of the digital marketing trends that will stick in 2018 and beyond. Aside from simple content marketing/blogging/SEO etc., creating a true connection with your audience and market is what sets apart the upper echelon of digital marketing agencies. Nonetheless, all of these techniques do require strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to reach an adequate number of people. Connect with us for advice regarding SEO marketing from an experienced team who has driven results straight to the top of Google search results. Let’s make the most of these marketing trends this year!